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Major Bid Coaching

  • What’s your win rate in major bids?

  • Is it good enough?

  • Do you need to be better?

In this Major Bid Coaching programme you will learn how to create & deliver a powerful, relevant & compelling pitch.

A major bid needs significant investment in time and money to get it right. Why waste that investment if your team aren’t as successful as they could be?

Winning a major bid against strong competition requires the pitching team to exhibit a high level of skill in presenting, selling, persuasive skills and teamwork. All of these skills can be learnt and all will improve with practice and experience.

In 2 days we will take the pitching team to significant new levels of skill in all of these areas. We will demonstrate how to create and deliver a presentation that truly stands out and inspires; and ultimately wins the business.

“The Major Bid Presentation Training that the senior group received from Walter and his team was excellent. It got us on our feet from the word go and kept us there for the 2 days. It also gave us a new approach to structuring the pitch that we weren’t expecting. I was surprised how involving it was and how much the trainers helped us create pitches around our business. It left us with a real buzz. We’ve won more business as a result of being more skilled on our feet and by having the confidence to pitch.” 

Andrew Tugwell

Operations Director of Acorn

Our objectives

Our objective is for the pitching team to create and deliver powerful, relevant and compelling pitches which stand out from the competition and which are therefore more likely to win. If you need help with the preparation of the response document to the bid then we have associates who can help you with that – make an enquiry. This programme is about the skill required in the bid presentation itself.

We will tailor our standard programme to the experience level of the participants. Our experience is that most presenters are grateful for an initial refresher in presentation skills as well as working on the ‘advanced thinking’ that major bid presentations requires.

The programme helps participants to work better together as a team through learning together and by developing a better understanding of the strengths and skills of their colleagues.

Course objectives

For each participant to:-

  • Increase their confidence and effectiveness in front of a buying team

  • Highlight and encourage their natural strengths as a presenter

  • Seek to eliminate distracting mannerisms/speech patterns

  • Harness and focus their power

  • Explore different ways of persuading and motivating a buying team

  • Gain powerful feedback from video replay

  • Use visual aids including PowerPoint effectively

  • Start presentations strongly, hold interest and close powerfully and convincingly

  • Structure and plan a bid presentation in the most powerful and compelling way

  • Make the Q and A session a significantly positive part of the pitch through good preparation and anticipation – create answers for the questions that you don’t want to answer

  • Work effectively as part of a bid presentation team

  • Maintain a positive outlook through the whole bid presentation process.


Two experienced major bid presentation coaches work with participants over the 2 or 3 days. The training approach we use is dynamic and highly interactive – over the length of the programme participants will make up to 8 presentations including a team presentation. Each presentation is videoed and reviewed on an individual or small group basis (in the case of the team presentation), to give participants the opportunity to review their effectiveness and to try out new approaches. We know that this is the quickest and most effective way of improving performance in this area

Within minutes of the start, participants will be giving the first presentation culminating in a competitive team bid presentation of 10 minutes on the final day. Our whole approach is designed to be dynamic and effective, leading to the development of outstanding performance.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you win your next major bid presentation.

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