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Kirk Douglas As Spartacus

I’m Spartacus!

What a classic line from the 1960’s film Spartacus with the wonderful Kirk Douglas in the lead role, who’s died…

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Walter Sailing

Do small changes really make a big difference?

“Where are we going, Walt?” This is Simon, my friend and the much more experienced sailor. I’m at the helm…

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Walter Holding A Wall Planner

New Year. New Idea?

“Why are you buying that, Grandad? You didn’t use the one you bought last year”. This is my 10-year old…

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Audience Being Moved By Expertise

Could you move an audience with your expertise?

She handed the 80-year old cricket ball to the leather restoration expert. “It was given to my father in 1939…

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A Person Ticking That They Say Yes More Often

How often do you say yes?

“I say ‘Yes’ a lot”. This was the Executive Editor of The New York Times, Dean Baquet, when asked about…

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Puzzle Pieces Keeping The Audience Interested

Do You Keep Your Audience Interested?

As soon as we knew some pieces were missing, she lost interest. I was with Becca, my 7-year old granddaughter…

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Picture Of HMS Queen Elizabeth

Do you love your job?

“I love my job”. This was a young Naval officer being interviewed during a TV series about Britain’s biggest and…

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Conkers In Children Hands Representing Prospects

Do you have enough prospects?

“Here’s one, Granddad. It’s lovely!” My two granddaughters and I are collecting conkers in the park. They were right, of…

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Person Holding A Steering Wheel Being The Best He Can Be

Are you the best you can be?

I’m in my car waiting for the instruction to drive off. Jürgen, my driving assessor, is sitting beside me, clipboard…

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Person Driving A Car Enthusiastically Into The Sunset

So, you’re enthusiastic. But is it enough?

Tom is struggling to get the car in gear. It’s a small Kia, manual gearbox, right hand drive. As an…

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Open Country Road Leading To What You Want Not What You Don't

How to get what you want. Not what you don’t want.

I’m driving home on an ordinary country road. It’s late afternoon, dry and bright, with no traffic. Then about 150…

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Old Fashioned Radio That The Audience Is Listening To

Is your audience listening to you?

I’ve got the radio on in the background. Then a Strauss Waltz comes on. I stop what I’m doing, and…

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