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Presenter Opening His Presentation

How should I open my presentation?

First impressions "How should i open my presentation?" is a question we get asked often. Getting your audience to accept…

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Business Man Closing His Presentation

How should I close my presentation?

Closing your presentation is perhaps the most important part of your presentation. And probably both the easiest and the shortest part.  Most important because it will contain…

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Learning How To Prepare For An Online Interview

How can I prepare for an online interview?

To prepare for an online job interview there are 6 elements that you need to think about: 1. What you’ve…

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Lady Learning How To Give A Successful Online Presentation

How can I give a successful online presentation?

Here's my advice on how to give a successful online presentation: There are three challenges to presenting online:  having an…

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Person Dealing With Nerves When Presenting

How do I deal with nerves when presenting?

Every speaker will have some nerves: it goes with the territory. So, how do you deal with nerves when presenting? The best…

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Letters A B And C Showing That Public Speaking Is Easy As ABC

Public Speaking; as easy as ABC; or is it?

“Public Speaking is easy – it’s just ABC”. I wanted to believe the instructor on my first public speaking course;…

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Walter Sailing

Do small changes really make a big difference?

“Where are we going, Walt?” This is Simon, my friend and the much more experienced sailor. I’m at the helm…

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Walter Holding A Wall Planner

New Year. New Idea?

“Why are you buying that, Grandad? You didn’t use the one you bought last year”. This is my 10-year old…

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Audience Being Moved By Expertise

Could you move an audience with your expertise?

She handed the 80-year old cricket ball to the leather restoration expert. “It was given to my father in 1939…

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A Person Ticking That They Say Yes More Often

How often do you say yes?

“I say ‘Yes’ a lot”. This was the Executive Editor of The New York Times, Dean Baquet, when asked about…

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Puzzle Pieces Keeping The Audience Interested

Do You Keep Your Audience Interested?

As soon as we knew some pieces were missing, she lost interest. I was with Becca, my 7-year old granddaughter…

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Picture Of HMS Queen Elizabeth

Do you love your job?

“I love my job”. This was a young Naval officer being interviewed during a TV series about Britain’s biggest and…

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