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Presenter Realising The Benefits Of Good Presentation Training Whilst Wiping His Brow

The benefits of Presentation Skills Training

Imagine that you’re standing in front of your Board of Directors presenting the next three years’ plan. Three minutes into…

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Roadwork Sign Of Worker Making A Strong Point

Make a strong point when you next present

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve got mixed feelings about this job. My challenge is to remove the cement filler from a…

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Lady Wondering What She Should Present

I’ve been asked to do a presentation – what do I present?

You have been asked to do a presentation – what should you present? There are two possibilities. Firstly, you may…

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Audience Being Presented To

How do I find out about my audience?

If you have been asked to make a presentation, you may be asking yourself: “How do I find out about…

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Library Of Book For People To Find Material For Their Presentation

Where do I get the material for my presentation?

Firstly, the time to start your preparation is as soon as you know about it. For example, if you’re being…

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Hand Showing A Lightbulb Indicating How To Work Out The Point Of A Presentation

How do I work out the point of my talk?

Unless you’re speaking just for the experience of speaking – you’ll want to be clear about your point. So, the…

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Lady Wondering How To Prepare A Presentation

How do I prepare my presentation?

So, you have been asked to deliver a presentation. You may well be asking yourself: How do I prepare my…

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Unique Lady Ready To Give A Presentation

How do I create a unique presentation?

There will lots of times when you will want to create a presentation that’s different and ‘wakes people up’. In…

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Presenter Using Analogies And Methaphors

Make your point clear through analogies and metaphors

Here’s an analogy I use when I’m describing what it’s like learning to present. Remember what it was like learning…

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A Selection Of Props And Objects To Use In A Presentation

Using props and exhibits to make your presentation more memorable

One of our clients is a major business creating and marketing household products. They have a wonderful array of products…

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Lady Learning Her Presentation Word For Word

Should you learn your presentation word for word?

For new speakers there will be a temptation to learn your presentation word for word. This will never work unless…

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A Powerpoint Projector Being Used In A Presentation

How should I use PowerPoint within my presentations?

PowerPoint is a wonderful tool for bringing colour and clarity to a presentation. But it is just that; it is…

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