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One to One Coaching

Individual, effective and discreet.

Do you have a particular presentation, such as a key-note or a sales pitch, to deliver?

Are you struggling to know where to start but don’t have time to go on a course?

For just one fixed price of £75, I can help you in just a one hour & 15 minute zoom session.

How does that work I hear you ask? Surely that’s not enough time?

Most people already know what they need to say but just don’t know how to get it across in the allotted time.

“Working with Walter was very much a pleasure. He offered friendly, valuable support through practical suggestions that worked and built confidence along the way. I will be less daunted now by the need to present as I have been given strategies I can rely on and the confidence that comes from knowing that what I have accomplished already under his tutelage can be achieved again in the future.”


Beverly Hipkin

Registrar – Lancing College

How it works

During the first 15 minutes you will fill me in on what your talk is about, how long you have and who your audience is.

For the next hour:

I will take you through how to create a structure for your talk.

I will give you ideas on how to open your talk and how and when to close.

I will help you feel and look confident about your talk even though you may not feel it.

By the end of our 1 hour and 15 minute session you will have a good idea how to develop your talk and make it your own and deliver it confidently.

When you’re ready, if you would like to send me a video recording of you delivering a practise of your finished presentation, I will be happy to give my feedback at no extra cost.


Contact me today to book your one to one session.

Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Book a free 15 minute no obligation chat with me first.

As with all of our courses and coaching, this one to one session is covered with our 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

“I am an experienced presenter but I had lost my confidence in presenting. The couple of hours of coaching with Walter really helped me find my confidence again. I presented at our seminar last week and I remembered his advice and techniques and used them to great effect. It went very well and I felt much less anxious and more confident. I actually enjoyed giving the presentation, which I wasn’t expecting to. I received really positive feedback from my co-trainers and the delegates and I would highly recommend Presenting Success to anyone needs a confidence boost in presenting”.


Sharon Scottorn

Senior Mental Health Professional, NHS

Other information about this course

£75 for 75 minutes – no hidden extras

Contact me directly at or +44(0) 7889 167486 or complete the booking process below.

This 75 minute coaching is provided exclusively by Walter Blackburn who is the founder of Presenting Success. To read more about Walter click here.

Walter Blackburn

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