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In-Company Presentations Training

Tailored to meet the needs of your team

The Value of In-Company Presentations Training

We run both open and in-company presentations training courses. Both have a value, depending on your objective. For example, an open course (with delegates from other organisations) will tend to expand your delegate’s experience; or sometimes a more senior person will prefer to attend a development course away from their business colleagues.

What’s the value of in-company Presentations Training? Many businesses choose to have an in-company programme as it gives them more control of the material delivered and how it’s facilitated.

The Key Benefits

An In-company Programme allows you to:

  • choose the content and the approach
  • choose the materials that you want presented to the team
  • have it made completely relevant to the business issues that your team are facing
  • create a ‘team-building effect’ as members of your team work together
  • do it on a date and at a venue that’s most convenient to you
  • have the undivided attention of the trainer or facilitator on the individuals and your team

“I was delighted with the Sales Presentation Training that Presenting Success ran for us recently. It was an outstanding two days with all 34 participants saying how much they enjoyed and benefitted from Walter and Jem’s energy and experience in both sales and presentation skills. We’ll certainly look forward to a repeat performance next year with another group!”

Ginny Wieland, Sales Enablement Manager, Kofax Inc.


The financial investment

This will depend on the programme chosen, the level of the participants and the trainer chosen for the programme.

Usually the cost of the development is absorbed into the overall quoted price of the programme: we have a significant amount of experience of tailoring programmes for many businesses and sectors and therefore usually we can work quickly. Occasionally the development will take a significant amount of time and effort in which case we will quote you for that separately.

​”The team at Presenting Success always come up with goods and move our presentations to the next level.”

Robin Welch

Former Chairman of GI Solutions Group


Tailoring the programme

We will do our best to make each programme relevant to the team, their roles and the business challenges or opportunities that they are facing. We do this by exploring real examples. We will spend some time with you to understand exactly what your objectives are, and in discussion with you to determine how we will meet them.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business achieve the results you need from your presentations.

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