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Business Man Closing His Presentation

How should I close my presentation?

Closing your presentation is perhaps the most important part of the presentation. And actually the easiest.

Most important because it will contain either an idea or an action that you want the audience to consider or to act upon.

And you will want them to remember it or act upon it. Easiest because you’ll have already introduced the idea or the action and the close is a summary of that.

So your close needs to be clear, short and motivational, even inspirational! Practically you’ve got a few options.

Give them a summary of what you’ve said – “so, in summary, we’ve seen that……. “.  This should be short and clear. Don’t go over all the logic of your argument again, just give them the points. An effective visual aid is to count off the points on your fingers.

You can finish as you started. So if you started with a Key Message, end with that. Or if you opened with a quotation then end with that way.

You can challenge them to consider your points, or more probably, get into action. “So I challenge you to…… let’s get out there and do it!”

Or you can use a combination of these ideas. So, a summary followed by a challenge, followed by the simplest close of all – “Thank you”!

Whatever close you choose, plan it carefully making sure it is an effective close for your talk. And then practice it.

Learn it word for word so you can look into the eyes of your audience as you urge them into action!

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