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Person Driving A Car Enthusiastically Into The Sunset

So, you’re enthusiastic. But is it enough?

Tom is struggling to get the car in gear. It’s a small Kia, manual gearbox, right hand drive. As an American he’s used to automatic, left-hand drive. Actually, he’s a world traveller and has driven in all parts of the world. But this Kia’s gearbox holds some challenges for him. I’m in Eire, in Wexford, guest of my good friends Christine and Tom who are enjoying a house swap for six weeks; and a rented Kia.
The engine is revving but we’re not going anywhere. I realise there’s a message here for me. It’s fine for me to have lots of energy and enthusiasm but if it’s not connected to a project or a goal, then I’m not going anywhere. It’s just noise.
And maybe just feeling enthusiastic is enough; at least I’ll feel good, and that feeling may be transferred to others. But it also seems that without the connection to action, an opportunity is being missed.
Who knows what holds some of us back from using our enthusiasm to get on with stuff, making the connection? A fear of failure? A worry that we won’t do it well-enough? Not having enough time? Perhaps not knowing where to start or what to do? 
“What’s well begun is half done” is the well-known quote from Horace. And I guess most of us have experienced the validity of that – just getting started on something is often more than half the battle. 
In his helpful book, The Black Hole Focus, Isaiah Hankel invites us to ‘make your vision a decision’. Suggesting a renewed sense of determination, not just having a dream who’s time may come, one day.  
So, if you’re not achieving what you want in your business, or even your life, my invitation is to have another look at your enthusiasm, or your engagement, or both. What is it you really want to achieve? And if that’s clear and important to you, use your enthusiasm to get you started. And if you need some encouragement for that, drop me an email or give me a call +44 (0) 7889 167486 – let’s have a conversation.

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