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You may have the time – do you have the inclination?

Congratulations to the outstanding England Men’s Cricket Team who won the World Cup on Sunday for the first time. And congratulations to the amazing team at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London who separated the conjoined twin girls this month. Extraordinary work by extraordinary people is going on around us. 
4 years (and more probably) in the planning for England to win the Men’s Cricket World Cup. 18 months of planning for the team at Great Ormond Street. Never mind the time and effort it would have taken to acquire the skills and experience to achieve those incredible goals. 
For anything of real value, we know we need to take the time to create a plan. To work out what to do and then do it. And it’s not just about having the time, of course. It’s about the commitment to do what needs to be done. In spite of the doubts and the doubters. 
Maybe that’s easier in a team where others are depending on you, or you’ve made a serious commitment to the parents of two small children. But I suspect that even in those settings there will be some extraordinary individuals who set the pace and who will not give up. People who create the inspiration. 
But for those of us who work in smaller groups or even on our own, having a dream or a vision which doesn’t involve world recognition or life-changing actions, it can be hard. You may have the dream, and the time but do you have the inclination? 
I’m speaking to myself, of course, as always. I’m reminded of one of my favourite books – The Black Hole Focus by Isaiah Hankel. He believes that our life purpose should be like a black hole, which should absorb us completely and transform us.  
What a thought. First, find your life purpose! (He does give instructions in the book!). 
It’s pithy, wise and practical advice the whole way through. And what speaks to me right now, is his advice to Make Your Vision a Decision. Ok to have a dream, but what’s the point if we don’t act on it? 
So, if you have a dream or a vision, whatever your situation as a solopreneur, a leader in a small team, or someone in a corporate, and it’s hard right now, then get in touch and let’s share some ideas. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s inspire each other! 
Email me here, or call me on +44 (0) 7889 167486

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