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Road Sign For The Street Merton Drive

Who are you copying?

I’ve been living in Derby for 4 years. As I cycle around the City I’m noticing that many of the street names come from London or the South East of the UK. For example, I live on Merton Drive and across from me is Battersea Park way. Just down the road is Richmond Park Road and beyond that is Sevenoaks Avenue. 

Derbyshire has so many wonderful and historic names that it seems a shame we borrow street names from another part of the UK. For example, there’s Matlock, Belper, Bakewell, Darley Dale and Ashbourne. As well as Cromford Mill, possibly the first modern factory built in 1769. What a wonderful heritage.  

Why do we need to copy? I have no idea. But the trend is continuing: my street, Merton Drive, was built only 5 years ago.  

But what about copying others when it comes to presenting? Can you and I be our unique selves, or do we tend to copy? I’ll admit it’s taken me a long time to start to present in my own way (ok, I’m a slow learner), and I still remember learning a 4-page handwritten script when I learned to sell, which did stand me in good stead. But now I delight in helping others to present in their own way, not just copying someone else. 

A large part of that process seems to be giving people permission to include something of themselves in their presentations, whatever the presentation is about. It makes it more interesting, and certainly more memorable, and often you can make a strong point with an unusual personal example. 

You and me, we have a unique heritage, just like Derby. Ok, maybe you won’t want to go back to the 18thCentury, but you could speak about your upbringing, your family, or your early work, or just lessons you learnt last year. So long as it’s relevant and doesn’t go on too long, people will be interested, I promise you. 

If you’d like some ideas of how to include something of your wonderful and unique heritage in your next business presentation, then give me a call – it’ll only cost you your time. Or if you’ve got a colleague who would appreciate a similar conversation, then ask them to contact me.  

It could make a big difference; both to them and to their audiences. 

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