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Happy Presenter With Lots Of Energy Making A Difference To His Presentation

The difference that your energy makes

Imagine listening to a boring speaker. It’s not hard to imagine as most of us have been bored by a speaker at some time. If we stop to think why they’re boring we might decide that their topic is boring, or the way they’re putting it across is boring. But the truth may be that they have no energy!

The energy of the speaker changes everything. A vibrant, enthusiastic speaker will light up the room. The audience don’t have a chance to be bored. Even if the topic is a little dull. It’s the speaker’s energy that makes the difference. 

By the way, we’re not speaking about jumping about the stage as though they’re on a hot tin roof. We’re meaning the energy that comes from their passion and enthusiasm; the light in their eyes; the strength of their voice.  

And what about you. How much energy do you put into a talk? Or do you hold yourself back, deliberately, in case you go ‘over the top’? 

Putting more energy into a talk is the quickest and most effective way of bringing a talk alive. And as a speaker you’ll be remembered as much for your energy as for your words. Your energy conveys how you feel about your topic, and that has a powerful effect on your audience. You’re tapping not just into their minds, but into their emotions, too. 

How can you harness this energy; this enthusiasm? You could run around the block just before you speak. That would certainly get your blood flowing and make you breathless, probably. But it won’t last, and it won’t be effective. There are lots of ways to generate energy and we’ve found a few that will work for you.  

Your belief in your topic is so important. Believe in what you’re saying. Get deeply into your subject, realise how important it is to you and your listeners. Make an emotional connection with it. Then, find great stories and examples that make your points and are interesting for you to tell and for your audience to listen to. And finally, get some practice in having more energy in your voice. Record yourself on your smart phone giving a part of your talk, then do it again with much more energy and listen to the difference.

So next time you’re speaking to a group and you realise that you sound boring (and it happens to us all at some time) lift your voice and your energy. And then see the difference in your audience. 

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