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Presenter Using Analogies And Methaphors

Make your point clear through analogies and metaphors

Here’s an analogy I use when I’m describing what it’s like learning to present. Remember what it was like learning to drive? Although you wanted to, it may have seemed quite difficult. For example, three pedals (in a manual car) – two feet – how does that work? You’ll have had many other questions. Because it is complex. That’s why someone experienced needs to sit next to you as you learn. But now as an experienced driver you don’t think about these things unless there’s a problem.

And so it is with presenting. At first it seems complex and difficult, but with good guidance, feedback and practice you can become a good and effective presenter who doesn’t worry about it. You can even learn to enjoy it.

This is an analogy. Wherever you have an idea that is difficult to explain you can use an analogy. And in doing so you take people from what they know to what they don’t know. You make it clear for people so they can say “I get it”.

So, for example, you might be describing your firewall software as like a window. “It lets in the light and the sunshine and keeps out the wind and the rain. In the same way, our software lets in your essential communications and keeps out the viruses that you don’t want in your computer”.

If you talk about your business to clients or prospects now you probably use analogies. Listen to what you say. If you don’t, begin to think about how you could use them to make clear the more complex parts of your service – the parts that people don’t always get. And you’ll be a more interesting and effective presenter.

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