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Hand Showing A Lightbulb Indicating How To Work Out The Point Of A Presentation

How do I work out the point of my talk?

Unless you’re speaking just for the experience of speaking – you’ll want to be clear about your point.

So, the question you should ask yourself is: how do I work out the point of my talk?

Begin by considering what, specifically you want your audience to know, to do or to think?

Even if you simply want to impress your audience, such as an interview panel, it will help if you focus on a point. One way of finding your point is to ask yourself, if I only had 20 seconds to give this talk what is the one thing that I’d tell them, or ask them?

Write it down.

That will help you to focus on it.

You may have a number of subsidiary points that you want to make, which build up to your main point.

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