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“I’ve just completed a 20-minute major business presentation to 150 prospects. It’s been 5 years since I did a presentation and I was not looking forward to this one. But we’d engaged Walter to help us check the content, the approach and our own presentation skills so that going into the presentation I felt confident, knowing that I could do it well. Afterwards I was surprised and delighted to be complimented by many of the audience. Walter had shown us how to structure the presentation, and how to engage the audience immediately not just with the words but also with our presence at the front. We realised how important it is to be strong and yet create energy; how to bring the slides alive, and how to practice and support each other. I was grateful for his practical experience in running seminars, for the many tips he gave us and for his support during the whole process. I would certainly recommend Walter if you’ve got a major presentation coming up and you’d like a top-up or if you’ve never done one before”!


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