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Confidence, Insights, Skills and Techniques  – Mabu, Senior IT specialist

As a senior IT specialist in a major bank I am frequently expected to present to my colleagues, so my nervousness in presenting and public speaking was something I’d wanted to improve for a long time. I normally would forget most of the text during a talk due to nervousness. The Virtual Public Speaking Course offered extensive and helpful training by giving me the confidence and the insights and techniques of how to present a talk. Walter showed us how to start and finish a talk with impact, and how to structure it using a Talk Map, and then how to rehearse the delivery. The training offered plenty of support so we were able to prepare ourselves each week for the virtual lesson. I’m now able to stand in front of a virtual group and speak with no fear. I’m sure my new confidence and skill will transfer to my standing in front of a live group. I’ve realised that showing passion and energy, and personalising the message are key for my talks.  It is the most productive course I’ve attended so far. I strongly recommend the course for anyone, who wants to improve their presenting skills.

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