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Public Speaking - Virtual Course

Interactive & Engaging Virtual Training

50% OFF for August

Learn how to give a confident presentation from the comfort of your own home

Learn with like minded individuals in small of groups of no more than 8

Five 2-hour sessions at times to suit your lifestyle

Pay in 3 easy monthly instalments or pay in full for 10% off

Money Back Guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with your training

Public Speaking - Virtual Online Course

Nervous about presenting? Don’t know how to start preparing? Know you could be more interesting and make more impact? Or, just want to be better? With our Public Speaking Virtual Course you can learn in the comfort of your own home, but with the added benefit of an experienced trainer to guide you and other delegates to present to.

Create and deliver a great business presentation in 5 live Public Speaking Virtual Online sessions. Work with a group of like-minded people who want to improve and hone their presentations; from improvers to beginners. Learn the secrets of the great presenters in a world-class training course brought to you through the internet.

Join us in our highly interactive & engaging 2-hour virtual sessions which will result in you creating and delivering a professional and interesting 5-minute business presentation. And more than that, you’ll have the understanding and skill to create whatever length of presentation you want to create. When you finish the course you’ll want to present, because you know you can, and you’ll know how.

Everyone can present well; it’s just a case of knowing what to say and how to say it; and then practising that. And everyone can be better; like driving, we can all improve; world-class presenters are working all the time to improve.

Why this course is different from other Virtual Public Speaking Courses

“Walter Blackburn has a refreshingly unique insight into presenting; he’s a brilliant presentations coach” George Close said recently after attending our Virtual Public Speaking Course.

During this 5-session weekly course you will create and deliver 10 practice presentations to your small group. This will give you the skill and confidence in public speaking that you’ve been looking for. This is the only way to learn how to present; you can’t learn it from a book or a DVD (you can’t learn to swim without getting in the water!). All the talk topics are specially chosen to ensure that everyone has something to speak about. And you’ll have a week to chose your topic and prepare your talk.

And you’re supported and encouraged the whole time; and Walter, your trainer, personally calls the participants during the week in-between the sessions to make sure you’re happy with the assignment and to offer any assistance. You won’t get personalised support like this anywhere else and with 40 years’ experience there’s nothing that Walter hasn’t seen or heard before! As a poor public speaker when he was young he knows how difficult and damaging it can be to get it wrong. As part of the support you’ll get a 40-page helpful workbook, with lots of advice and suggestions about creating and delivering your presentations.

Don’t let your fears get the better of you. Sign up today for our next Virtual Public Speaking Course, and gain the skills and confidence that you really want. Or if you’ve got questions, get in touch for a free no-obligation chat.

Don't just take our word for it!

New Lease of Life in my Speaking – James, Director, Property Company

I’ve just completed a fantastic 5-week Virtual Public Speaking with Walter Blackburn at Presenting Success. As an experienced speaker I’ve been speaking for a number of years to property investors about the market but was finding that by speaking about the same thing I needed a new lease of life. I definitely got this from the course.  We learnt how to construct a speech from beginning to end including how to stand and present in the ‘power position’. Walter definitely went above and beyond the call of duty on service, communication and quality. The course was excellent. I thoroughly recommend his services.

James White

Confidence, Insights, Skills and Techniques  – Mabu, Senior IT specialist

As a senior IT specialist in a major bank I am frequently expected to present to my colleagues, so my nervousness in presenting and public speaking was something I’d wanted to improve for a long time. I normally would forget most of the text during a talk due to nervousness. The Virtual Public Speaking Course offered extensive and helpful training by giving me the confidence and the insights and techniques of how to present a talk. Walter showed us how to start and finish a talk with impact, and how to structure it using a Talk Map, and then how to rehearse the delivery. The training offered plenty of support so we were able to prepare ourselves each week for the virtual lesson. I’m now able to stand in front of a virtual group and speak with no fear. I’m sure my new confidence and skill will transfer to my standing in front of a live group. I’ve realised that showing passion and energy, and personalising the message are key for my talks.  It is the most productive course I’ve attended so far. I strongly recommend the course for anyone, who wants to improve their presenting skills.

Mabu Shaik

Speaking with Ease and Confidence – Tom, University student, 1st Year

“At the beginning I tried to keep an open mind, given that I had little presenting experience but I did have doubts to the relevance of the course to me as a university student. However Walter was welcoming and made me feel at ease from the start and we began fairly gently in order to build confidence. I gained valuable knowledge on how to give a talk with ease and confidence using the building blocks and main structure to all presentations which Walter taught us. By the end of the course I understood how the techniques that I learned for presenting would also be relevant in other aspects such as a corporate meeting. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to build a number of skills regarding presenting and also grow in confidence in themselves”.

Tom Sanders

Ability and Confidence in Speaking – Rosie, University student, 2nd year

“Before embarking on this training course I was very apprehensive and quite nervous. I’m in my second year at Uni and don’t have much experience speaking in public, and I was worried about being the weak link in the group. However with Walter’s support and positive feedback I found my ability and confidence in speaking grow more and more as the weeks went on. It’s a very methodical course with new skills being learnt each week. Not only do I believe this course has helped me from a career point of view, but also on a personal level with how I interact with people around me. I can’t recommend this course highly enough for anyone seeking to improve their ability to talk in public and gain valuable skills to improve their confidence”.

Rosie Sanders

Creating Interesting and Engaging Content – Alice, Dentist

“I recently completed the Virtual Public Speaking course on Zoom with Walter and a really great group of people! It has allowed me to develop a new skill in Lockdown that I can take out into the world after and really put to use. I am a Dentist and recently set up my work social media channels and I’ve been able to transfer some skills I’ve learnt into creating interesting and engaging content via Walters tips on story-telling and grabbing attention! The course was informative and I really appreciated the opportunity to practice and get constructive feedback to apply the following week on the tasks set. I would really recommend the course to anyone wanting to improve their communication skills. Thank you so much Walter”!

Alice Martin

Dates & Times

5 Wednesday's
18.30 - 20.30 BST

Wednesday 5th August

Wednesday 12th August

Wednesday 19th August

Wednesday 26th August

Wednesday 2nd September

Here's What You'll Be Learning:

  • Telling a story – how to choose and tell a good story; good stories are the heart of any great presentation.
  • Looking confident – no matter how you feel; realising how important your body language is, and how easy it is to get it right
  • Making a strong point – the reason you are presenting; learn to make a memorable impact with your point
  • Using your Voice – your voice is unique; learn how to use your voice – one of the most powerful instruments to send people to sleep, or to bring them alive!
  • Becoming Good at Explaining – bring an ‘ordinary’ presentation alive by making it interesting; making people really listen to you
  • Choosing the right structure – structure is more important than most people realise; know how to choose the right structure for your talk; or create your own!
  • Opening and closing – Learning how to use professional techniques to open and close your presentation; open with impact and interest every time, and close creating a lasting impression.
  • Choosing the right visual aids, including when and how to use PowerPoint – bring your presentation alive with objects and slides, used in the right way
  • Having more energy; one of the secrets of great presenters is their energy; and actually it’s so easy to do; I’ll show you how to change your energy to bring your presentation alive!
  • Creating and delivering an 5-minute business talk understanding how to structure and then deliver a persuasive talk to a group

How does it work?

Each session is 2 hours long which gives everyone the chance to choose, prepare and deliver at least one short talk to the group. Each talk is explained and demonstrated by Walter, and then you’re given the time to choose your topic, think about what you want to say, and then practice it before giving it to the group. The topics are chosen so we make sure that everyone has something to say.

You’ll need to have access to a computer with a camera and a microphone as we’ll be using the Zoom online meeting facility which we’ll access. This means you’ll be able to watch and listen to others in the class, and they’ll be able to see and hear you. So that everyone learns from everyone else. Because you are learning what to say and how to say it, and practising with a partner, over the web, you’ll be gaining confidence and understanding about how to create and deliver a good presentation. Each time you speak, and as you get helpful feedback from Walter and other members of the group, you’ll be learning more about your own strengths as a speaker.

You’ll have lots of opportunity to ask questions, and to watch and listen to others, in order to develop your confidence and understanding of speaking.

This Public Speaking Virtual Course is a building process. We start with very short talks and build up to the longer talks, all the time making sure that participants are comfortable with their progress.

Walter has over 40 years of teaching people to present. As a poor speaker when he was a young training officer he knows what it’s like to fail in front of a senior group, so he’s very sympathetic to people who are nervous or unsure.

Other information about this course


There are two ways to pay:

Three affordable monthly payments of £49 total cost £147


Pay in full before the course begins and pay just £133

Click this link to go to our booking page.

This course will be run by Walter Blackburn, who has over 40 years experience in Training Business Presentation Skills. For more information about Walter click here.


Three affordable monthly payments of £99

Total cost £297


Pay in full before the course begins and pay just


50% OFF



Pay 3 affordable monthly payments of £49

or pay in full before the course begins for just £133

Lady learning virtual presentation skills training

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